We have high qualified experts to provide online tutoring for student from all parts of the world. The experts go at the pace of the student while ensuring that each and every content is understood. We advocate the use of real life situations during the lessons. Our tutors have, really, kept the condition. This aims at molding the minds of students to not only pass very well in the examinations but also solve daily problems using the acquired concept. The service is done using online whiteboards with audio support. Furthermore, Our experts use digital tablets to deliver the concepts in writing as well. This ensure quick and real tie response between the tutor and the student.

Video math lessons

Be believe in the independence of students in carrying out their studies. This is the reason why we came up with video lessons that students can see, internalize and understand mathematics concepts with little or no help from our experts. The video lessons have a brief introduction that introduces the lessons to the student as well as link the lesson to a real life situation. As a better preparation procedure for the video lesson, we provide some vocabularies, that are necessary to a better understanding of the lesson, the links to the pre-requisite knowledge and the objectives to be covered in the lesson. We recommend that any student should be familiar with the pre-requisite knowledge of a given lessons before proceeding to the video. That is best way forward to a good understanding of our video lesson.

After every video, there are some practices to test on the understanding of the lessons. There are also examinations after each major unit to test if the student understand what has has been taught through our video lesson. The student may choose to go through the video lesson alone or request one of out tutors to select the best videos that will solve the problem at hand.

Our users have free access to some video just like our visitors, however, access to the others is only allowed after subscription.

Curriculum development, Content creation and editing services

As mathematics experts, we believe in helping not only students but also other companies develop their platforms and offer similar services  because we can not service each and every student around the globe. For that reason, we offer consultancy services for companies or individuals who require any of the following service:

  • Developing of math curriculum and study guides
  • Creation of math lessons and tests
  • Editing of maths contents
  • Analysis of reports, papers, data and excel services
  • Designing lessons plans
  • Creating lessons, tests for various curricula and exams such as CCSS, GMAT, ACT, GRE, SAT, Australian curriculum, IGCSE and GAMSAT among others.

Our materials are of high quality and original. We sign NDA and transfer copyright privileges once the payment for the job is completely done. Write to us through or for more information about this service.

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