About Us


About us

Maths Consult Global is a company that basically provides consultancy services in mathematics. In particular, we provide online tutoring services, curriculum and math contents development as well as online lessons and tests.

We deal with middle class, high school and college/university undergraduate students and tutors. Our clients are all those, globally, in need of the above services. We have qualified graduates and postgraduate math experts to handle all mathematics related consultancies


The founder

Fidelis Mukudi





I am an experienced math content writer, tutor and editor from Kenya. I have done this job for five years. I am an expert in mathematics having MSc. in Pure mathematics  and BSc. in mathematics  My passion is to deliver content to students, the hope of our future education, both in writing and verbally. I develop math curricula, write lessons and practice tests for middle, high school, college and university students and teachers. My experience in math education has made me develop interest in writing on education generally with some bias in mathematics to educate students, parents and other readers. My aim to make expose knowledge from its hideouts to public platform using simple language that all can understand.


Our Story

There has been and there still is; notion that mathematics is a difficult subject. We have learnt up to this far and achieved what God enabled us with all these notions, yet, they did not affect our goal to do the best and take mathematics as our career for life. It is through this road that we realized where the problem is. Believes, inheritance of these believes, poor teachers, fear of the unknown and key reason, abstract teaching among others are to blame if we have to.

Most of the teachers fail to connect mathematics concepts with real world; the technicalities in the mathematical paragraphs are not broken down to simple languages that first learners and so called “low achievers” who in actually sense don’t exists but forced to be by virtue of their environment,  can easily understand and apply in life. Having all these information, we decided to have Maths Consult  Global that would bridge the gap and make mathematics a pizza to cry for.

Our Philosophy

philosophy 2Mathematics is a subjects that requires one to be interested in so as to enjoy and explore its beautiful structures and applications. That is actually where we get out driving force. We are kept into momentum by the passion to pass on knowledge to the young scholars and the forthcoming generations. We believe that to make our customers, who are student, teachers and other readers, do well or transfer the knowledge adequately to the primary consumers, they have to develop the interest, own it then gradually talk and leave mathematics.

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