Our services

Video lessons

We offer online math video lessons and practice tests. The video lessons are 5-8 minutes in length.

Math content creation & editing

We develop curricula, create lessons/tutorials, test items/practice questions and activities. We create exams such as SAT, GRE, GMAT and ACT.

Online tutoring

We offer online tutoring service for high school and college students. This is one on one service done at the pace of the student.

What else we provide?

Worksheets and workbooks

We create worksheets and workbooks based on the curricula provided or own designed curriculum in line with the topic provided

Develop curriculum

We develop math curricula to suit your need; be it a for a tutoring center, after school program among others.

Editing and review service

We provide editing and review services of math contents; books, tutorial, lessons and questions.

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What our clients say

These guys did a recommendable job in developing our geometry curriculum and creating lessons, bell-ringers tests, activities, practices tests and summary tests.

Jeanette Stein

Excellent work. The SAT prep math questions that they created are wow.

Hardoof Amir

Who we are

We are a team of experts providing consultancy in mathematics. We are specialists in Pure Mathematics. We are pleased to offer you our service in;

Editing work done
Percentage of total work done​ 12%
Curriculum Development projects done
Percentage of total work done​ 22%
Content Creation projects done
Percentage of total work done 48%
Tutoring done
Percentage of total work done​ 18%


About us

Maths Consult Global is a company that, basically, provides consultancy services in mathematics. In particular, we provide online tutoring services, curriculum and math contents development as well as online lessons and tests.

We deal with high school, college, and university undergraduate students. Our clients are all those, globally, in need of the above services. We have qualified graduates and postgraduate math experts to handle all mathematics related consultancies