Vectors curriculum

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The table shows our curriculum on Vector. This is an introduction to two components' vectors. The main objectives in every topic are represented as lessons. Our Video lessons in moodle platform are also laid in this format.
1Definition and represntation of a plane1. Definition and representation of vectors
2. Vectors on xy- plane and components of vectors
2Main properties of vectors1. Magnitude and direction of vectors
3Addition and multiplication of vectors1. Operation on vectors (introduction addition and subtraction)
2. Vector subtraction in terms of addition
3. Operation on vectors (introduction to Scalar multiplication)
4. End-to-end and component wise addition of vectors
5. The parallelogram law
4Properties of sum of vectors1. Facts on addition and magnitude of vectors
2. Magnitude and direction of sum of vectors
5Scaled vactors1. Scalar multiplication on xy plane
2. Magnitude of a scaled vector
3. Direction of a scaled vector
6Application of vectors1. Application of vectors on velocity and other quantities

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