Services: Video lessons and practice questions

Discussions are recommended for mastery of our video lessons

All about our videos

We believe in the independence of students in carrying out their studies. This is the reason why we came up with video lessons that students can see, internalize and understand mathematics concepts with little or no help from our experts. We recommend that any student should be familiar with the pre-requisite knowledge of given lessons before proceeding to the video. That is the best way forward to a good understanding of our video lesson.


Practice questions

After every video, there are some practices to test the understanding of the lessons. There are also examinations after each major unit to test if the student understands what has been taught through our video lesson. The student may choose to go through the video lesson alone or request one of our tutors to select the best videos that will solve the problem at hand.

Our users have free access to some video just like our visitors, however, access to the others is only allowed after subscription.