Service: Content creation and editing

Editing as well as creation of lessons and practice questions

As mathematics experts, we believe in helping not only students but also other companies develop their platforms and offer similar services  because we can not service each and every student around the globe. For that reason, we offer consultancy services for companies or individuals who require any of the following service:

  • Developing of math curriculum and study guides
  • Creation of math lessons and tests
  • Editing of maths contents
  • Analysis of reports, papers, data and excel services
  • Designing lessons plans
  • Creating lessons, tests for various curricula and exams such as CCSS, GMAT, ACT, GRE, SAT, Australian curriculum, IGCSE and GAMSAT among others.

Our materials are of high quality and original. We sign NDA and transfer copyright privileges once the payment for the job is completely done. Write to us through or for more information about this service.