Privacy policy


This document (“Privacy Policy”) is designed to show you (our guests and members) how Maths Consult Global (will often be referred to as “we”, “us” or “site”) collects and use your personal data collected through our website The success of our company depends on you; therefore, we have all the measures in place appropriate to safeguard your personal details.
We are a mathematics consultancy registered in Kenya by the Name Maths Consult Global. For more information, visit our Contact page on our site.

Collection of Information

We collect your information on your personal details and your financial details such as credit card, debit card, and PayPal through the following means:
When you sign up into our system, subscribe to our services; provide comments to our products and other interactive areas of our website. We may also get your personal details when we contact you directly through emails, phone calls, short messages with respect to a service that we offered you or may to carry out a survey.

Use of information

We use your information to enable us you access our services; provide feedback on any services that you may have requested. We also use your information to enable us to understand our customer base and our performance. We may use your information to market our services, however, this halted once you advise us to do so. We may also use your information to enable us to make our services better for you and other visitors.
We also use your information to help us investigate, detect, and prevent any unlawful activities that are against our terms and conditions.

Communications with you

We usually communicate to you when you comment in the blog or on a video lesson as well as when you sign up on our site. Apart from these two, you may communicate account holders, on our site, in case there is a change or improvement in service we provide, review the privacy policy, in response to an inquiry, a suggestion or a request to help you manage your account and in case there is a special offer. These will be through emails or phones. However, you may opt-out by writing to us through the contact page or sending a message to

Sharing of your information

We may share your information within our company with authorized staff for the purpose of solving a problem with your account, managing our finances, and improving the services that you receive from us. However, the staff are not allowed to share your information outside and have committed themselves to keep adhere to the privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions of employment which requires them to keep the information of the clients and website users.
We share your information with third parties such as financial agents, contractors, advertisers and law enforcing authorizes in the following ways.
Financial agents will only access your personal and financial details for the purpose of billing and making payment only, no others. As legal entities, they are committed to keeping this information with the utmost confidentiality it deserves.
Contractors may be outsourced to provide services on our website, however, they are not allowed to use your personal information for any other purpose other than which they are contracted for, which of course, are not in breach of the privacy policy.
Advertisers may seek information or use technology that that gets information about our users, which may not in any way related to the personal details. This may only be about the number of visits you make to our site. We would also like to inform you that we will only partner with reputable advertisers like Google and the like whose privacy policy is geared towards protecting the information of our users.
The law enforcing authorizes will have access to your information is guided by the law, that is, if such required is made in written and ordered by a court of law.
However, other platforms are accessible to the public such as comments on articles and videos lesson. Since any person can read these comments, we advise you not to post personal information that may threaten your privacy because we will not take the liability in case of any damage if such information is used illegally.
Maths Consult Global assure you that we will not share, sell or disclose any of your information, that you provide us, without your consent unless required by the law.

Information on cookies

Our website uses cookies to help improve your operations on our website. Cookies are small files that are saved on your computers or a mobile device by our website’s server(s). Their purpose to store information about your preferences, user details, and information on shopping carts. This makes it possible for our site to remember you in one visit and persistent visits. The session cookies do the former while the persistent cookies do the later. If a website does not have, more specifically, if we do not have them, then our website will treat you as a new user, therefore, you will have to set the preferences every time you log in. Cookies are important for user experience; however, you can decide to delete them from your computer or mobile device. We recommend that you reply OK to the cookie notice at the bottom of your browser so that you may get the utmost customer experience on our site.

User’s rights

You have the right of correcting and updating your information provided to our site. To do so, please write to us through the contact page or write to
You l also have a right to knowing which information we have about you.
You also have the right not to get our newsletter and other marketing emails. To do so, please write to us through the contact page or write to

Kenyan law and acts on privacy and data protection
We are a registered company in Kenya, therefore, we operate under the laws of Kenya. The Kenyan law gives sufficient protection for personal data and information for both local and international community seeking services from Kenyan based companies. We, therefore, assure you that your data is safe with us. For more information, visit the Cyber Security and Protection Bill, 2016 at

Links to other sites

This site has links to other sites. When you follow those links, this privacy policy seizes to apply. In such cases, you are advised to read the privacy policy of those sites.

Revision of the private policy

This privacy policy will be reviewed from time to time when the need arises. In respect to that, we advise you to, frequently, revisit it and get to know the changes made. We will also inform all registered members of the site in case such changes are made.
For any question or information regarding the privacy policy, please contact us or write to
Maths Consult Global
P.O. BOX 159 – 50400