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Career choice is a crucial thing in a child’s life as parenting is. Parents should play their role by guiding children to make better choices and be what they are meant to be in life. Children makes a group of people that have not experienced much in life, therefore, a times, they may be heading in wrong direction if not guided. However, this may not be the reason why parents should over exercise their mandates by dictating to children, or on a softer note, persuading them what they should choose to study or what their career must be in life. This sets a very bad chain of activities and reactions that you will you come to realize later when it too late and when the chances of reforming such a child are very minimal.

Parents in child’s education

A parent, or parents, is the first teacher to the child. The way he or she brings up the child determine the kind of person the child will be. As such, best parenting practices are recommended for bring up a person that will be responsible in the society, be free to socialize with others and feel free to contribute positively to the community.  When a child first leaves your doorstep to join others in school, you should be the first person to encourage and motivate him or her to understand that schooling is a better place to be and good for his or her future. There should be continuous motivation and support despite the score that the child attains.

Confidence and independence

It reaches a time that a child should have some sort of independence. On of this moments is when it comes to choosing the career or the field of specialization. The parents should only guide and not insist on choosing career of the child. Remember that if you are a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, and  economist, a lawyer, an artists and so on, your child will be like you, no.  You and your child are, very, different people with different capabilities. Allowing the child to choose what he or she likes best makes him or her confident and feels some sort of maturity that is beneficial in his or her studies and life, in general.

Talent and genetic makeup

As much as the genetic makeup of the children are inherited from parents, there are a number of compositions and processes that make them very unique and different. As such, children becomes very different people with different weakness and strength. A times you may understand the strengths and weakness your children have, at time, you may not fully understand them. Therefore, giving them mandatory choices may be underutilizing their strength or exploring their weakness.  At the end, things may not be well for them. A part from the genetic makeup, everybody has a God-given talent. In most cases, it is only the child that may realize it or somebody else closer to him or her such as a teacher. A teacher spends a good percentage of the day with the child, therefore, when it comes to discussing your child’s career, their contributions may be helpful. In general, children must be guided, however, they should be allowed to make their decisions keeping the mind the guidance given.

Difference in environment

Parents and their children are two groups of people that have been brought up in different environments. As much are they leave together, they explored and are exploring the outside world at different seasons and error. What worked for a parent during his or her time, may not work for the child due to a huge time difference. Therefore, dictating to the child what to take may be like putting him or her in your previous situation and making him or her live in passed era when he or she is in the present.

Psychological comfort and career choice

In most cases, people excel and do better in things that they initiate than things that they inherit.  This is because they understand how to nature and how to attend to them in low and high moments. This is when one attains what I may call physiological comfort. Children gets some psychological comfort when the pursue careers they choose by themselves. Because their mind is comfortable, they understand better and are ready to defend them, hence, they take all possible measures to ensure they do not fail.

Success in life

Success in life is not about being what other people are. Everybody is unique in his or her own way, therefore, the ways of conquering life may not always be similar to others. Due to that, children should be allowed to define their own path and maximize their capabilities. Success is not only when they became doctors, architects, teachers, artists and economists that you want them to be. There are very many successful people not from these careers that you want your children to venture in. Therefore, parents should give their children time to choose what they like, understand and would like to pursue for their future life.


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