Numbers and number theory curriculum

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Numbers and Number theory

The table shows our curriculum on Numbers and number theory. The main objectives in every topic are represented as lessons. Our Video lessons in moodle platform are also laid in this format.
1Introduction to number sets1. Counting and integer numbers
2. Multipying and dividing integers
3. Rational, irrational and real numbers
2Factors and multiples1. Factors and divisors
3. Greatest common factors
4. Multiples and Least common multiple
5. Prime factorization
3Powers and roots1. Integer Powers; squares, cubes and higher powers
2. Roots, square roots, cube roots and nth roots
3. Exponential rules
4. Writing radicals in terms of rational exponents
5.Expressions involving radicals
4Rational and irrational numbers 1. Properties of rational numbers
2. Equivalent fractions
3. addition and subtraction of rational numbers
4. multiplication and division of rational numbers
5. Properties and operations on irrational numbers
5Decimal number and percentage1. Addition, subtraction and multiplication decimal numbers
2. Division of decimal numbers
3. Percentage
4. Conversions between percentage, decimals and fractions
6Units in measurement1. Importance of Units in measurements
7Errors and error propagation1. Definition and types of errors
2. Choosing a level of accuracy
3. Propagation of errors -addition and subtraction
4. Propagation of error-multiplication and division
5. Propagation of error-Exponents and a mixture of operations

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