Education system may not be instilling morals and values


Education and morals








Education systems are meant to give a person a strong base to face the world. It is also meant to give a person per skills and knowledge that directly earns him or her a job. The former is accomplished, mostly, at the elementary, middle and high school level while the later at the college and university level. These are the main things that any parent want to hear about their children. However, an important thing that education should instill in students in morals and values. This should be seen not only the way teachers and other players practice it but also in the main guide, the curriculum. A good curriculum should mold the values and morals of a person so that he or she may be of importance to the society. The skills acquired should help in empowering the community, the country and the whole world and not only putting coins in his or her pocket every month.

What brings morals?

Morals are first taught at home. The parent plays this role by telling their children what is right and what is wrong. They also educate their children how to play and interact with other children, how to approach and interact with the elders and the elderlies. This is somehow obvious and basic.
The outside world is very harsh and the effort of the parents alone is not enough. If anything, parents do not stay with their children a good percentage of the day, the teachers do. Therefore, schools should be the second teacher to teach, students, morals. The school can only achieve this by having good curriculum that supports their activities geared towards this.

Current development in religious and social ethics subjects

Religious subjects are important in teaching students values and morals. The most common religious subjects are Christian region education (C.R.E.), Islamic religious education (I.R.E) and Hindus religion education (H.R.E). Apart from the normal classes that these subjects offer, schools have special lessons for students from different religious education that is meant to help them learn and live with others in harmony. Social education and ethics (S.E.E) too is an important subjects that teachers students how to be good members of a society. It also teaches them family values and education relating to their sexualities. It is important that students gets to learn the ethics and one religious subject for the good of their future.
However, it is sad that some education system to not have social education ethics as one of the core subjects in high school. Others even do not have it, at all, in their entire system. This is worrying because we are breading a population that will learn by experience and not in advance as it is recommended. Privatization of education is good because it reduces the gap in education, however, the activities of private institution should be checked. Most private schools are money oriented, hence they do not have time to teach religion as well as social education ethics.

Curricula designers

The curriculum designer should compare the kind of people and leaders that we had some decades ago and those that we currently have. They should assess their values, morals and what they stood for; unity, equity, oneness, development for all name them. Most of them are products of such good curricula described above, that is why by then the society was society, not the modern one. The curricula should therefore be revised or new ones drafted to encompass these subjects among other similar ones.

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