Complex numbers curriculum

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Complex numbers

The table shows our curriculum on Complex number. This is an introduction to complex numbers and their basic properties and operations. The main objectives in every topic are represented as lessons. Our Video lessons in moodle platform are also laid in this format.
1Introduction1. Introduction to complex numbers
2. Represetation of Complex numbers on a complex plane
2Operation on complex numbers1. Addition and subtraction of complex numbers
2. Multiplication of complex numbers
3. Conjugate and modulus of complex numbers
4. Equation of a circle and complex plane
5. Equation of a circle and complex plane
6. Division of complex numbers
3Polar form of complex numbers1. Complex numbers in polar form
2. Representation of polar form of a complex numbers on a plane
3. Representation of sum, difference and conjugates of polar numbers in a plane
4. Use of geometric representations to do computation
4Distance in complex plane1. Distance between two numbers on a complex plane
2. Mid point of two points on a complex plane
5Roots and complex roots 1. Quadratic identities involving complex numbers
2.Verification of Fundamental theorem of algebra for quadratic functions

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