Effects of Technology ,’techno-phobia’,on Student Concentration in Class; the

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As loving parents, we aspire to give our children the very best start to life. That requires that we create stability by putting a roof over their heads, feed them nutritious food, and care for their emotional well being. Above all else, we ensure our children get a good education. Education is the key to ensuring they have the knowledge and skills needed in order to thrive on their own, long after we are gone.

Researchers have sought to utilize the latest developments in technology to help our children have access to an even wider pool of educational tools. This includes educational videos, interactive games, and specially designed applications. Many have found these innovations to be quite effective. Educators across the globe have since found that while helpful, technology has also served to the detriment of our children’s education.

The Great Debate

Many researchers, educators, and parents have argued that technology should not be blamed for the quality of a student’s education. After all, without technology, we would not have made a number of scientific discoveries. Just think about what we have learned about the human body since the invention of x-ray machines. But our aim is not to encourage technophobia. It is merely to highlight the dangers of our dependency on technology and raise awareness about how it affects our kids.

We have since isolated the problem and noted that ‘screen time’ has significantly increased over the years. This refers to the amount of time spent on mobile devices and television. Children were once encouraged to read a book if they were bored or trying to grasp a particular topic. Parents also once spent a few hours each day interacting with their children.

Unfortunately, it now requires far more time to make ends meet and parents have resorted to allowing ‘screens’ to babysit their children. The average child in 2019 is thus allowed significantly more screen time than children five or ten years ago. There has also been a noteworthy decline in test scores in STEM subjects that require critical thinking. Many argue that this just represents a shift in the way we think as a society.

Teachers have noted that their students are simply unable to concentrate in class as they once did. Research has since found a direct link between a child’s ability to concentrate and their screen time. As you can imagine, this poses a number of very noteworthy problems. These issues must be addressed in the short term since it is our children, the future of our nation that are being left at a disadvantage.

The Link between Screen Time and Brain Activity

A $300 million study commissioned in 2018 and published by the National Institutes of Health has observed how screen time affects a child’s developing brain. In this study, it was found that the brain of children who spent more than three hours per day on screen time experience a premature maturational process. In one instance, the significant amounts of screen time caused the cortex to become unusually thin. This is the area of the brain responsible for critical thinking, memory, language skills, and a number of essential functions or abilities.

The results of the study were not conclusive. The researchers were unable to definitively state that screen time was without a doubt the cause of these developments. There is, however, a noteworthy correlation between increased screen time and decreased brain activity.

Social Media and Critical Thinking

Teachers have become so frustrated with their students who appear to be addicted to their phones and social media, that there has been a mass exodus from the classroom. Statistics indicate a global shortage of teachers. These teachers often complain that students today are only capable of first-step thinking, which is the kind of thought process required to scroll through thousands of images on social media. Critical thinking, however, requires the ability to link concepts and form opinions.

Whether we can definitively blame technology or not, the results clearly indicate that there is much work to be done. If we allow this trend to continue, our children will have to live in a world without critical thinking engineers, doctors and other essential professions.

Taylor’s polynomials and Maclaurin series in action

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Taylor's polynomial

From the top to the bottom, as I my eyes rides along the gradual descend, I see a series of numbers. Perhaps, Taylor’s polynomials could  describe these better.

Aerial photographs brought it to perspective. Those taken from the front, side, rare or above it, they all depict one thing. The convergence or divergence of series of numbers. Truly, the teacher was right. Mathematics is real. I see a series of numbers.

Up in the planes, it is just a pattern of concentric squares with common center, all vanishing at the center. Oh, I it is true, the series is converging to a point. The point is zero. When I think keenly about it, I see a series of numbers

I had not known what Taylor’s polynomials are. I have neither heard of power series. It is the most abstract one, convergence of series that my sister sings every day. A chorus that their teacher taught them so that they may always remember it. I did not know it could be visualized. Really, I see series of numbers.

I had not known that mathematics could be that beautiful. Marrying tourism and landscaping, or rather, exterior designs. My eyes cannot allow me to move away from it. They, just, want me to see the series of numbers.

Even architects can think along these lines! Bring series, sequences, and convergence into perspective! I am sure that my sister will now understand what Maclaurin series is together with their special case, the mean value theorem and connect all these with Taylor’s polynomials. Moreover, proudly explain it to the fellow students because mathematics is now real, courtesy of seeing the series of numbers.

Yes! I have now realized, as I see the series of numbers, that everybody played his/her part. The architect got it right from the calculus class. The architect’s teacher provided the right materials. The artisans did theirs too: and me? I am challenged. I am must be counted too. As I pass by here every day to admire this building: while, at the back of mind, appreciate Taylor’s work in action, I must get the right person to drive the concept home. This must be the best AP calculus tutor or a calculus tutor. Off course, the cheapest tutor to make me see the series of numbers elsewhere too.

Algebra, the foundation of mathematics

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Like all things in life, that which is built on a strong foundation lasts. Algebra is probably the most important tool that you will need for excelling in math as it lays done the basics for calculus and many other branches of mathematics. Its concepts will always be applied – even as your studies progress – and hence it is vital to get the edge early and invest in good algebra tutors.

The basic core of algebra is representing relationships between unknown numbers using letters of the alphabet. Algebra, unlike basic arithmetic, is really where logic begins to take hold, and reasoning mathematically starts to take shape. It is not only the principles of algebra that will continue to be implemented as the student progresses, but the scientific way of thinking that algebra starts to teach you as you move away from arithmetic.

It has been noted that students that do dismally in calculus must have done the same in algebra previously. Often times the errors that students make the most in calculus are not elements of calculus at all but those of algebra that the student failed to fully grasp. Sometimes the mistakes are careless, other times the flaws are more deeply rooted – but it always comes down to the student being low performer in algebra.

Similarly, it is also noted that students that do well in algebra go on to have higher grades in calculus and other higher-level mathematics. It is clear that for anyone aiming at excelling in math, excelling in algebra should be the primary focus.

A good Algebra tutor ensure that you get the head start you need by making this core subject simple to understand by connecting mathematical concepts to everyday activities and delivering to the student in a way that is not only tailored to specific needs but also effective too. Thus ensuring a sound knowledge of algebra that leads to a bright future in mathematics.

Preparing to trample calculus underfoot

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preparation for university

For the high school student, and even the university student, mathematics – and more especially calculus – can be a challenging subject. However, for any learner, calculus is an imperative branch of mathematics. Thankfully, the AP calculus tutors can help students grasp their calculus lessons and transition from high school mathematics to university standards smoothly as you learn with the experts.

Students who start preparing for university early on in their studies have an invaluable advantage over their peers. This could not be truer than it is for mathematics, as the difference between school math and the standard of mathematics at university can be frightening.

What is even more shocking is that many high school curricula do not even properly incorporate aspects of pre-calculus and this can be detrimental to the student who takes calculus at the college or university level. The student will find that he or she is miles behind his peers who have learnt calculus, and will not be able to keep up with the pace of the lessons. Having AP calculus tutors ensures that even if your school is not offering the preparation you need for university mathematics, you will still be on par with your peers.

Even if your school does offer calculus, it is easier to bridge the gap to university mathematics by getting in the extra practice while you are still ahead of the game.

AP calculus tutors essentially take what is often a much-feared branch of mathematics (for beginners) and make it simpler to learn, not only at school level but also in such a way that foundations for university are already in place. Calculus does take hard work and dedication – and there is no way around that – but it will be so much less challenging and a lot more rewarding when you learn with the experts and give yourself the head-start you deserve.

Best math tutoring sites

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There is nothing more convenient – and not to mention cost effective – than online tutoring sites. There are so many benefits to it but, it is necessary to be able to distinguish the best math tutoring site from all the other sites out there, and we will help you do that.

Tutors are easily the mark of what sets a site apart from the rest. From algebra to calculus tutors, they also ensure that students are receiving lessons that are professional but always maintain a personal touch. It is vital that each student progresses academically while at the same time catering to each student’s level of understanding and needs.

Installing passion for mathematics into the young scholars is second nature, as what is most important is an enthusiasm for science, which goes a long way for students and tutors alike. There is nothing better than calculus tutors who make mathematics rewarding as they educate. They do this by ensuring that lessons are uniquely designed to take complex mathematical concepts and incorporate them into practical daily activities.

Moreover, never worry about encountering administrative problems, they are always quick to respond and courteous and professional, as they are aware that the small touches count most. They strive to make every aspect of our service brilliant and efficient, whether it is administrative or educational. This is the mark of one of the best math tutoring sites.

Most importantly, the student comes first. As math professionals and calculus tutors, they understand the challenges that learners often face with mathematics, and it is in that that they can so effectively simplify mathematics and make it a rewarding experience.

No matter what your mathematical needs may be, and no matter your level or desired achievements, the tutors are there to set you on to a path of success and make every step of the journey convenient and fulfilling.