Is it wise to have courses on cannabis in colleges?

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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a contracted term associated with a specific plant whose botanical name is Cannabis sativa. According to the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, it is defined as ‘flowering or fruiting tops of the cannabis plant (which does not include the seeds and leaves) from which resin (its liquid extract), has not been extracted. Cannabis resin is obtained from the cannabis plant, whether in its crude or in its purified state and used for designated purposes.

Importance of cannabis in the health industry

Beyond the thoughts that tend to drop on the minds of people at the hearing of the name, Cannabis, there are a lot of health benefits associated with it. The most common benefits that have been found to be associated with cannabis are highlighted below

  • It could help with weight loss – the body finds it easier to regulate insulin production and manage caloric intake optimally with the help of certain constituents found in the plant.
  • It regulates and prevents diabetes – due to its ability to induce weight loss, it also has a direct consequence in preventing diabetes and complications associated with the condition.
  • It fights cancer – this got popularized recently as it has been shown that cannabinoids found in cannabis help fight cancer to a very large extent.
  • It provides a safer alternative to other drugs and alcohol – the irresponsible usage is very harmful to the body but it is nowhere near the fatal effects that are posed by the use of Alcohol.
  • It helps regulate seizures in very many people – the use of medical cannabis in the regulation of seizures has proofed to be very effective thus making it show a lot of impressive prospects in some neurology aspects of medicine.
  • It helps treat some very serious addictions – individuals addicted to serious drugs like heroin, opioids, cocaine can be subjected to cannabis therapy to rid themselves of the addictive effects of such drugs.
  • It can help improve lung health – some conditions such as lungs cancer and emphysema have been shown to regress when cannabis is introduced to the lungs. This does not overrule the fact that uncontrolled usage can prove fatal to the lungs healthy.
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It appears to help slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease – studies have shown that cannabis helps to reduce the development of some neurodegenerative diseases of which Alzheimer’s disease fall in the category of the highlighted conditions.

Should the curriculum include a course on cannabis?

With the health benefits highlighted above, you perhaps might be coming to a conclusion within you already as to what answer best fits the question posed in this subtopic.
However, we will discuss the positive and negative effects we think can be associated with the inclusion of this subject to the curriculum of colleges and universities.


  1. It helps to successfully and effectively approach the immediate needs and pressure the students to face in society.
  2. It heals the student of some level of ignorance ranging from little or no knowledge about cannabis to vain stereotyping of it.
  3. It serves as a way of reflecting the experiences of people in the society which to a large extent forms the basis of education.
  4. Knowledge about this topic will go a long way in facilitating an open dialogue about the subject when students find themselves in such discussion corners.


  1. Some levels of curiosities can make students dive into their own exploration and which often times does not yield good results.
  2. Incorporating this study into the student’s curriculum without thoroughly revising the study to envisage every necessary thing to know about it can be misleading and eventually have a wrong impact on the students.
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The role of the government

The plant, if legalized, requires policies that will regulate its usage, cultivation, harvesting, processing, and distribution. This aims and avoiding the irresponsible use of the drug.

Due to the importance of the plant in the health sector, it obvious that industries manufacturing drugs find it a very important raw material for making drugs. Should this be a basis of conserving having a course on cannabis in higher education?

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