What teachers should expect as a new curriculum is unveiled

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In simple terms, a curriculum is said to comprise of a course of study in a school or college formulated such that in it is embedded the educational programmes of the subjects and subject modules.

Schools operate with a certain curriculum type that the government and school administrators deem fit to ensure the proper passage of information to the students and thus set their feet on the right path towards success.

However, curriculums are subject to review and change as the society is constantly changing and thus making the educational sector to be a dynamic process.

Reviewing a certain curriculum might bring about its modification or its total removal from the system. When modification sets in, the basic principles that guide the curriculum are still put in place and little readjustments are to be made. However, when the reviewers, which will comprise of a large number of teachers and school administrators think it well to entirely change the curriculum of the school, more work will be done to ensure its incorporation.

To successfully adopt a new system, a number of adaptations must be done on the sides of both the teachers and students as a new curriculum means a new methodology of teaching and learning.

What teachers should expect as a new curriculum is unveiled

Teachers are known to handle the most fragile set of people in the society and overtime, the adept ones have greatly succeeded. Teachers fix themselves into a system with a specific curriculum, acclimatize to the system and eventually give the best they can with the same system. Many teachers however, through their career, do not encounter any change in the curriculum while fewer others are faced with the challenges of having to switch from one curriculum to the other a few times in their careers.

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The following are some of the things a teacher should expect as a new curriculum is unveiled 

  • The teachers should know the strength and abilities of their students and be ready to share their falls and rub minds together during the adaptation periods.
  • Since a change in curriculum, most times, means a change in teaching materials/aids, teachers should therefore be ready to adopt the new resources and change the way they teach. This is to ensure proper agreement with what they teach the students and the new methods unveiled.
  •  Any change in general is challenging, therefore teachers should expect a lot of challenges and be also ready to cope. It takes time but the end results are always worthwhile.
  • Teachers should also expect that the needs of the new curriculum will be very difficult for some students (especially average and below average students), therefore, proper provisions should be made to further help the students that fall within this group. It is a known fact that every student has their own set of strength and weaknesses, it is therefore a vital thing for the teachers to cross the line to find out the needful.
  • For students in the kindergarten, a lot should be done by the teachers to ensure that their phonemic tests are incorporated into the new curricular system as this will tell the level of its effectiveness and at the same time reveal its flaws.
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Times are fast changing and so are the societal processes. The educational institution is also not left out as a lot of things also affect the running of schools and colleges. To change a curriculum, much is expected from the side of the teachers to ensure its effectiveness. The teachers play a central role in determining what happens with the students. It is therefore vital for them to stand in a very good position and expect the associated struggles associated with the new curriculum.

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