What should a school security contain?

CCTV camera taking the proceeds of its focus

A safe and conducive environment is essential for good learning. It’s the sole responsibility of school management to ensure the safety of their students and staff when in school. Educators should not only concentrate on teaching, but also on the school security; how to make their premises and environment safer.

Efficient school security and CCTV provision enhance safe and secure surroundings for children, staff to work and study. It also assures the visitors of their safety. Strong security solutions guarantee secure buildings, thus improving the overall safety in schools. It also protects students, educators, and the public within the school facility. As a security measure, schools should monitor building hallways, classrooms and entry paths. Access to sensitive areas should also be restricted. Restrictions prevent theft and vandalism.

 Types of Security Systems for Schools

1.     Instant Lockdowns

 “Lockdown” refers to immediate disabling and locking access to all doors in the system. This prevents an intruder from gaining access to areas where students and staff may be seeking shelter, effectively isolating the intruder. For example, when an intruder comes in, the security officer or safety administrator can go to the access control system and trigger a lockdown. This would immediately lock every door in the school, preventing the intruder from gaining access to classrooms, offices and more.

2.     Security Guards and Patrols

The work of the guards is to maintain a safe and secure environment for visitors, students, and employees by patrolling and monitoring premises and personnel. They are mandated to permit entry and control car parking. They also monitor surveillance equipment for any alarm. They also inspect buildings, security equipment, and access points.

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 Security Measures that Schools Should Take

  • Installation of CCTV surveillance cameras in the School Premises – it is important for the school to install cameras in all key areas of the school. This will ensure that all activities within the school are monitored and recorded. This is important because in the case of a suspicious activity or a fishy movement, nothing will be left un-captured.
  • Construction of a perimeter wall and a gate around the School – It is good to have a fence around the school and a gate. This will enable the security guards on the ground to regulate the number of those who are coming and going out.
  • A Security Personal Stationed to man the School Gate – The gate should always be manned by a security guard. The gate should never ever be left open without a guard. This requires a guard to be employed for this singular reason. Gates enable guards to keep tab on who comes in and goes out.
  • Visitors should get clearance before entering the school premises -anyone who wants to enter the school premises should be cleared first. By doing this the number of visitors will be regulated and properly screed for safety.
  • Students and staffs should always be in possession of their access ID card – Any mode of identification should be issued by the school authority so that all members can properly be accounted for.
  • Review of security policies from time to time – A school security panel should be set up. The school should also develop a security policy. The panel through their findings and solutions should be reviewing this policy from time to time.
  • After school, only the guardians of students or any other person who is duly assigned by the school authority should be allowed to pick up students from the school. There should be a standing order directed by the school management saying that only the parents or any other person the parents have pointed out should be allowed to pick up the students at the school.  A system should be put in place to identify these people before picking the students.
  • The inclusion of a security management system in the school curriculum – students will learn and follow the school’s emergency procedures.
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