What should a good curriculum entail?

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A good curriculum most likely is achieved as a result of applying quality development processes and observing proper planning. Curriculum development processes must be:

  • Well planned and organized –the process of curriculum development should be transparent.
  • Inclusive and consultative – teachers should be viewed as important stakeholders; parents and students should be considered too.
  • Led by professionals – it should be guided and controlled by qualified and experienced experts.
  • Cyclical in nature – it should be an ongoing and continuous process.
  • Sustainable – it’s a dynamic process that should be regularly appraised and improved.

A good education curriculum:

  1. Values every child and holds that every child matters and should be treated equally. This means that the curriculum should accommodate the principles of equality, equity, and fairness among all students regardless of race, color, geographical area or religious beliefs.
  2. Needs to be all-inclusive. It should address the needs of every child, regardless of their gender, age, ability, cultural background, geographical location or socio-economic circumstances
  3. Should help students reach their maximum individual potential as learners, and also expand their capabilities to the fullest.
  4. Should provide room for teachers to adjust the curriculum to suit the needs of their students in the class. It should not demand that students should learn similar contents in the same way or in the same quantity of hours. It should give room for change to meet the individual needs of every child.
  5. Should provide teachers with the flexibility to make sure that their management of the curriculum content is appropriate to the students’ wants and capabilities.
  6. Should outline and promote responsibilities for every teacher. This enables the teacher’s approach to change from the traditional way of thinking that “my work is to teach” to “I should guide the students and enable effective learning”. This approach enhances a personalized teacher-student relationship.
  7. Should comprise high-quality content. This is brought about by quality curriculum development processes. For so many years, the curriculum was frequently been perceived as lists of facts or information which students were required to memorize and duplicate in exams. This information content was found primarily in textbooks, which meant that the textbook became the syllabus. Nonetheless, it should be up-to-date and relevant.
  8. Should be suitably demanding. It is good to have the curriculum to extend children’s capabilities. This can be by promoting higher-order thinking that can stimulate their growth of curiosity, essential questioning, and visual imagination.
  9. Should be appropriately sequenced and progressive. It should be included in all syllabuses and should be incorporated appropriately in all grade levels. It should address different levels of children’s development. The curriculum should be included in all ages to promote good attention that will enhance good cognitive and emotional growth.
  10. Should be balanced. This means that it should give appropriate importance to various traditional contents like natural sciences, technology, social sciences, humanities, and arts.
  11. Should be integrated. Traditionally, it was been planned by subjects being covered or scope of learning areas. These two factors have developed and changed over time.
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A good education curriculum should be carefully and clearly documented. It should be written with a clear arrangement and of a good standard. It should convey reliable messages about teaching and learning. It should be user-friendly and easily accessible to teachers, students, and parents. It should provide a policy with practical advice and control with clear guidelines on curriculum policy, aims, and purposes. A curriculum can be described as a kind of a constitution governing a learning institution.

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