What is sex education and how should it be taught?

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What is Sex Education?

It is education that relates to human sexual anatomy- reproduction, intercourse, and other sexual behaviors. It aims at equipping young people with skills that will help them make conscious decisions in matters of sex and relationship. It is not meant to promote sex but help them make choices that will not affect their emotional and physical health later.

How should it be taught?

Sex education should be accurate and well balanced. There are two main programmes that are taught in schools.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education – It starts from kindergarten through to high school. It covers both sex education and Sexually Transmitted Infections. It includes topics like safe sex, contraceptives, masturbation, and strategies that help reduce unintended pregnancies.

Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Education – It emphasizes how harmful it is to engage in sexual behaviors before marriage. It does not cover topics like abortion, contraceptives, and masturbation. It teaches on the consequences of sexual expression before marriage.

Why is it Important?

Poor sex education can lead to teenage pregnancies necessitating abortion that could lead to death. A good sex education program will eventually result in a decline in unwanted pregnancies and less sexually transmitted infections. Young people will gain increased confidence and acquire skills to deal with challenges in relationships.

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What entails a good sex education program?

A good sex education program is supposed no only to target students but also other cohorts that need this education. In most countries, it targets the adolescents in schools, the families as well as the general public in an attempt to curb and education HIV/AIDS infections. Some of the qualities of a good sex education program include.

  • This is a concept taught by trainers or teachers. Therefore, the teachers should believe in the program and be free to run the program. For effective teaching, the program should employ the best teaching tools, methods, and examples that take into account the environment, age and culture of the students.
  • The program should provide some of the ways or pressures that lure people into thinking of having sexual behaviors.
  • It should inform the people of the risks and negative outcomes of involving are illegal or prohibited sexual activities.
  • It should send a message to the young people of the need to abstain from sexual intercourse. To the adults, it should emphasize the need to use contraceptives for protection against infection and unplanned pregnancies.

Everyone must realize the need for sex education being taught to young people in schools. This ensures that they are well prepared to stand on their own and make conscious decisions in the future. It equips them with necessary skills that help them overcome challenges. It reduces gender violence and unwanted pregnancies. We all say that “Knowledge is Power”.

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