What makes a good teacher?

a good teacher helping a student

A teacher is someone who is capable of imparting knowledge in a pupil or student. They impart skills, morals and values that cannot be easily challenged by the society in the pupils and students. Teachers have long lasting impacts on the pupils and students. The best a teacher can do is to inspire their students towards greatness and effectively oversee the pathway.

As it stands, the major people to drive the society out of complete ignorance are the teachers. All other professions are borne out of this profession as knowledge in any field cannot be fully acquired without the impact of a teacher.

The teacher is able to identify the potentials of the pupils and students under them and able to nurture those potentials for the betterment of the pupils and the society at large. The roles of teachers in the society cannot be overemphasized.

Qualities of a good teacher

The qualities of a good teacher are universal. For proper effectiveness as a teacher, there are basic qualities that must be possessed. Teachers should be great models as the pupils and students will in one way or the other want to be like them. After the parents, the teachers are the next people responsible for the pupils and students.

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Teachers should be fully aware of the responsibilities that rest upon their shoulders and should be able to keep abreast of the task. A faltering teacher might be unconsciously misleading many innocent pupils and students. The following stipulated qualities are expected to be possessed by a good teacher.

  • Should be knowledgeable in terms of what he/she teaches – to pass as a good teacher, one must be well grounded in terms of what he/she professes to teach.
  • Should know the teaching methodologies as well as education psychology – teaching requires the usage of several techniques and methodologies and such a teacher must master a number of them.
  • Should have a sense of humor and love his/her pupils – students get comfortable around jovial teachers, it is, therefore, vital to be moderately humorous as a teacher.
  • Should have a positive attitude towards the pupils and the parents – attitude matters a lot and it determines the extent of people’s relationships. He/she should have a good attitude towards others especially her students/pupils
  • Should love justice and democracy – such a teacher should not be partial in all of his/her ways. Favoritism, nepotism, and injustice must not be found in the value set of a good teacher.
  • Should be a good role model – after the parents, the teachers are the next people the students look up to. He/she must be upright in conducts so as to set examples worthy of emulation for the pupils and students.
  • Should be flexible and like to learn more – a teacher is expected to cultivate a reading habit so as to adapt easily to changes in trends and also to relay appropriate and latest information to his/her pupils/students
  • Should have high expectations of her students – when a teacher expects less, he/she will also receive less, therefore, high expectations should be set for the pupils/students and should be effectively followed up.
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The role of teachers to the development of a nation

For a society to progress, much must be invested in education. To face the societal challenges and developmental perspectives, teachers are needed to prepare the society. The degree of development of a nation has been found to be directly linked to the quality of the  teachers it has.

Apart from the conventional teaching that a teacher does, he also serves the purpose of a sculptor and is directly involved in shaping the behavioural patterns of the pupils/students which has an overall effect on the nation. A good teacher can build a nation by imparting the right values in a pupil/student and the positive dividends will the long-lived.

It is a clear thing that the teacher prepares the student for life and this goes a long way in affecting the psychology of the students in reasoning ways to face the challenges they come across in life. A good teacher ensures that he imparts good qualities in his/her pupils to enhance their effectiveness in the nation at large.

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