Two-way radio system and the school safety

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The first true usage of the two way radio mobile dates far back to 1923 when an Australian, Frederick William Downie developed a radio that could inter-transmit from one end to the other.  During World War II, the two-way radios (also known as the ‘Walkie-talkie’) were used really extensively by the air and ground troops to exchange information that fostered their mutual attacks.

The Walkie-talkie design enhances a lot of advantages that will be discussed in the later sections of this article, however, it is important to note that it is quite fascinating to comprehend the evolution of wireless communication. From the discovery of the wireless waves back in the late years of the 19th century to today’s technology that can automatically turn any mobile device or computer into a radio. It’s been a really long road that’s brought with is so many fortunes.

How are two-way radio systems secured?

Beyond the level of security offered by the contemporary mobile phones, the two way radio systems offer more security as it ensures the integrity of the information being passed from one end to another by proper encryption.

To enhance this security, the two-way radios use the encryption key to secure information. By encoding, the audio signal is transformed into a form such that for the information to be accessed by the receiving end, same encryption has to be set for the radio receiver. This measure of security is very tight as other receivers without the encryption code cannot access the information being transmitted. The step of encoding is very vital as other radios will receive the information being passed if proper encoding is not done.

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Types of encryption

There are two major types of encryption as it applies to the two-way radio systems (Walkie-talkie). These are;

1. Analogue encryption

For this method, it is best to consult an expert with the technical know-hows as Walkie-talkies prove to be a little difficult to encrypt in an analogue manner.

2. Digital encryption

There are two major forms of this encryption; the Encryption Standard (AES) and Data Encryption Standard (DES). DES has largely replaced AES due to its high standard advantage.

How it is used or controlled

For proper effectiveness of the two-way radio system, it is vital that proper maintenance be ensured. This enhances its frictionless usage and availability at any point in time.

To use a two-way radio, the following instructions should be followed;

  • Press the push-talk button, wait for about two seconds before speaking and depress the button after.
  • You will continue transmitting as long as the finger is kept on the button.
  • Hold appropriately, the microphone portion of the radio at approximately an inch from your lips and speak slowly with a clear voice.
  • Do not hold directly in front of your mouth to avoid blowing air directly into the microphone when speaking.
  • Shouting and yelling at the microphone will only end up distorting the signal. A cool and clear voice is best appreciated by the Walkie-talkie.
  • When piece of vital information is being passed across, ensure that the information is repeated over and over again to avoid the potential misunderstandings.
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How it two-way radio maintained

The following are ways of seeing to the proper maintenance of the Walkie-talkie

  • Ensuring the equipment remains in top condition.
  • Extending the service period and saving money.
  • Ensuring the fleet is operating within the manufacturer’s specs.
  • Always removing the uncertainty and reducing the guesswork.
  • Knowing the purpose of transmission before transmitting and keeping the transmission as short as possible.

How the two way radio systems can improve the school’s security

It is the responsibility of the school administrators to see to the proper safety of the students. It is, therefore, important that information that are safe and free of compromise be passed from one duty post to another in the school vicinity. The two-way radio system is an avenue to do this and on the major side of it, maximum security as cannot be offered by mobile phones that make use of sim cards is guaranteed as the end to end encryption cannot be compromised.

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