The Raptor system and the school security

Part of a computer program

‘Raptor’ is the compressed term for RaptorWave V-soft Visitor Management System. This system is a visitor management system used to confirm the identity of visitors, keep track of their check-ins and check-outs and also helps to print the custom visitor labels.

The major security this system sufficiently provides is the screening of the visitors’ and comparison of the data obtained with the data stored in its database and subsequently giving out custom alerts when a match is found with a registered sex offender.

How does Raptor system works?

Various schools and districts subscribe to the Raptor services to get incorporated into the programme that basically uses a highly sophisticated online database of registered sex offenders to screen the data it receives from them and give them feedback when necessary. With the permission of the schools, Raptor receives data of all visitors that attempt to visit the school at the times the students are in the premises of the school or on special occasions as subscribed by the school. Raptor issues label to the visitors to guide them through their various purposes of being in the school and concurrently gives custom alerts to the administrative center of the school when a data that matches that of a sex offender is received.

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The ownership of the software that contains the sex offenders is strictly maintained by the Raptor Management System. This system is updated once every week to add new sex offenders and flush out the expired ones. It is the sole responsibility of the Raptor Management System to ensure the integrity of the data contained in its database as the school will only act on the alerts received and not question Raptor any further.

The schools, however, have the right to determine what the Raptor Management System does with the data obtained from the visitors. This right is exercised by instructing Raptor on what should be done with the data e.g. to create custom reports.

The schools may also terminate the relationship with Raptor at any time and request for all its data. In such a situation, no backup data will be maintained by the Raptor Management System and the data could get permanently lost if mishandled by the school.

A very important feature that makes this system stand out is its semi-invasive method of providing the school with the information needed about the visitors to uniquely and accurately identify them for related purposes. Little data is required by the system to provide much information.

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Privacy policy for the Raptor system

Raptor Management System holds privacy in very high esteem. It uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect its data using both server authentication and data encryption. The database cannot be accessed by an unauthorized person as it has very strict access policies, firewalls, and private secure bandwidth. Data received from the schools are also maintained according to all appropriate government departments. Raptor simply acts as an agent for the school that subscribes to its services and helps it in storage and analysis of data.

How it helps in imporvoing school security

The safety of the school should be the priority of any school administrator. Certain degrees of compromised security can give very bad returns which can be lethal to the students and school workers. The Raptor system helps to strictly screen visitors at the entrance and ensure that a red flag is raised when a questionable personality seeks entrance into the school.
This system saves the students from certain risks as it helps to sieve and expose people with bad track records and helps put them under proper surveillance during their period of exploration in the school.
Schools that do not have this kind of subscription will, however, have to work harder to ensure that the security of their students is not compromised.

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