Sports in school is Important to children

Children playing in school

Sports in school is a very important component for child’s development and performance. Sport is defined as a physical activity for entertainment purposes. It can be in form of casual, organized or competitive participation. Its main aim is to improve the physical ability and skills of children while providing enjoyment and in some scenarios entertainment to spectators.

Why is Sporting Important to Children?

It’s very important for children to be active every day. Physical activity stimulates their growth and leads to better physical and emotional health.  Physical exercise is known to ease stress in children. It’s evident that children can experience stress, depression, and anxiety as much as adults do. A fit child is likely to be well-rested and intelligent.

Children that are involved in sports in school have shown to improve their arithmetic, reading, and memorization skills.  Sports can also contribute to the development of a child’s psychological and social status. It can also improve self-esteem and self-worth.

It is also during sports that peer status and acceptance is created and developed. Children gain acceptance from their peers by participating in activities cherished by other children.

Most children love sports and would rather be better at sports than in academics. Sport is important to children. To them, being fine at sports is a powerful social asset.

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However, it’s natural that some children lose and others win. Some are fair players while others become great players. Children who may not accept defeat can become frustrated, sad and angry. And this, if not handled well, can have harmful consequences on a child’s mental health.

Another consequence is over-competitiveness. Average players may feel bad because they may see as if they are letting their team down, while the high-achievers may become anxious about their performance.

Can Sports be Included in School Education Curriculum?

Involving kids in sports activities right from their childhood is good. It improves their mental and physical health. This helps them to even perform well in their academics. In fact, sports are very important in the very young lives of children. It exposes them to a lot of things to learn, besides entertainment and cool moments with their peers.

 Active kids eventually become healthy adults and sports play a key role in achieving this outcome. So, sport in school should be valued as part of the curriculum and an integral part of a child’s personal development.

Teaching sports in schools

There are many benefits children receive from schools’ physical education. Physical education (PE) in schools can be done by PE trained teachers or professional coaches/ instructors.  Coaches can partner with the school to teach children at a specific time as scheduled in the school routine.  Either of them helps pupils to get the most out of sports and PE activities in schools.

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Professional Coaches/Instructors

Using external coaches to deliver physical education and extra-curricular sports can be a very effective way of enhancing the physical and mental development of children. Professional coaches bring sport-specific knowledge and this help to nature different talents in kids. They offer a wide range of expertise that will help children identify their potential for different sporting activities. They develop and build-up professional physical literacy skills in school children.

Physical Education School Teachers

Teachers contribute to the raising achievement agenda in schools through developing confidence and self-esteem in young people. Teachers educate young people on the importance and value of sport. There is a lot to be learned in the classroom in order to get the best performers in the playfield. Teachers are able to motivate children because they form a deep relationship with them. They make sure all pupils are included and involved in sporting activities. In any school, the teacher/coach roles should balance.

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