Should nursery pupils learn in mixed-gender schools?

Children if mixed-gender in class

Schooling, in its simplest form, means receiving training and instructions with thorough participation enhanced by active attendance. Nursery schools (and schools generally) can therefore be classified based on the children (or students) in attendance. School administrators have to decide whether to establish a school that trains both sexes together under the same roof, in the same class or do otherwise.

The two major types of schools are therefore;

  • Single-sex school
  • Mixed-gender schools (co-educational schools)

Schools that follow the former have existed on fewer occasions and the administrators of the schools have their reasons for establishing them. However, most schools in existence are co-educational and people generally see it as the best idea.

The latter has also been questioned by a lot of critics as to how the system promotes distraction amidst kids, encourages early relationships and all sort of criticisms and scepticisms. The overall idea of schooling is however beyond these assumptions as the nursery pupils will not grow up into a world that contains only humans with the same gender with them. It is therefore vital to keep the future of the kids in view and train them with respect to it. As such, is mixed-gender schools the way to go?

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Benefits of not separating nursery pupils based on gender difference

1. Promotion of gender equality

When male and female pupils are made to school in the same class and under the same conditions, none or very few of them will nurture the gender group inferiority complex. This will help them live to their performance and not their gender.

2. Promotion of good sense of socialization

People who do not attend co-educational schools often find it difficult to cope and socialize with the opposite sex since they were not customarily brought up to live in that manner. However, people who have lived and experienced life with the gender counterparts will find it very easy to cope.

3. Improvement of communication skills

Since both genders have different ways of expressing themselves, studying in a mixed school can help pupils sharpen their communication skills and learn to better express themselves in the society.

4. It challenges sexism

In a mixed-school terrain, pupils are allowed to discuss and debate and as a result explore and appreciate each other’s perspectives and differences. This helps to ensure that the students reach an agreement with themselves and appreciate each other’s point of view.

5. Actively prepares students for the real world

The world is a system that embeds both sexes in it. Conditioning pupils of different sexes in the same learning environment will subconsciously register in their minds the needed skills to flow with the torrents of the pressure that come from the other sex and subsequently learn to adapt and outgrow their limitations.

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6. Offering of school diversity

Another good thing about enrolling students, especially kids in mixed-gender schools is the level of diversity that this offers them. Exposing little kids to various diversities rather than constraining them will go a long way in helping them know what path to follow as they grow up. 

7. Development of mutual respect and overcoming of opposite gender fears

A lot of pupils and students have suffered hesitance in striking conversation with the opposite sex due to prejudicial assumptions and fears of the unknown. In the process of getting mingled together in the same school and class, mutual respect gradually sets in and enough room is created for free interactions between both sexes. This goes a long way as it sets the pace for what eventually happens around the world of the pupils as they get older.

8. Encouragement of survival in the future and character enhancement

Studies have shown that students and pupils tend to behave better in the presence of their gender counterparts. This cannot be overemphasized as nature itself programmed it. This however enhances the build-up and survival of characters that will be entirely welcomed by the society. Growing in tune with nature in turn gives good returns.

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The above points have extensively taught about the importance of having the kids of different sexes learn in the same environment, that is the existence of mixed-gender schhols. However, kids are not entirely responsible for their actions and it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to ensure that ample attention is directed towards the kids as they carry the biggest power in their hands to become anything in life – THE CHILD POWER

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