Security cameras in schools and other institutions

security cameras installed on walls

Security cameras are devices used in taking pictures or videos for surveillance purposes. A security camera can also be called a surveillance camera.

With security cameras, you can record things that are happening without having to be there. Security cameras are ideal for the prevention of criminal or unlawful acts and constant surveillance of things that matter to you. Security cameras can be useful in shops, banks, homes and even schools.

Installation of security cameras in schools

While it is somewhat controversial to install security camera systems in schools, it is a measure to consider in order to ensure the safety of school property and students.

Some fear that the setup of a security camera system would build an atmosphere of distrust as students would think that the authorities don’t trust them. This may lead to students feeling anxiety and apprehension at school, which may be unhealthy. However, the benefits of a security system outweigh the disadvantages. With a security system, there will be an appreciable decline in bad or proscribed behavior such as bullying, smoking and even stealing.

Factors to consider when installing these cameras

However, in installing a security camera or system there are some things you need to do.

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1.     Planning

In installing a security camera system, it is important to plan. Before even buying the system, you need to have a concrete idea of your security needs and the sort of system that would solve your problems effectively.

2.     Wiring considerations

Security systems generally come with required cables, however, the length of wiring needed can influence the type of system you eventually opt for. Make sure you use cables of high quality as cable quality can influence image quality.

3.     Placement

One of the most important factors to consider when installing your security cameras is where to put them. The main tip is to focus on places of interest, like the doorways, halls, and so on. It is important to notice entry and exit points like backdoors and front doors. It is advisable to use multiple cameras to cover important blind spots if you do not have a motion sensor camera.

4.     Access

Mount the security cameras out of reach. It would be harder to reach for vandals that way. However, make sure where you mount it isn’t too high so that you would be able to identify characters in the video.

5.     Connectivity

If you are using a wireless camera, a good thing would be to check the Wi-Fi strength. Check your signal strength at each camera location so that it would be easier for you to get a clear video feed.

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6.     Rights to privacy

It is also important to be aware of privacy implications. Privacy laws in your country should be noted so that you do not infringe on the rights of students or expose yourself to lawsuits. Note; do not install cameras in private places like bathrooms and toilets.

7.     Control of feed.

While it is good for an important and responsible person to be in control of the security systems and feeds, it is also important that control isn’t given to sole authority. The feed from the camera should be accessible to a security team or committee and should not be viewed at the whims of people. This promotes equal responsibility and stops mischievous aims by questionable characters in the positions of authority. A clearly defined protocol or chain of command should be established in relation to the security systems and under what condition the feeds should be reviewed. 

Importance of security cameras

It’s hardly a debatable idea concept that security is important, however, it helps to outline the importance of having a surveillance system in schools.

1.     It helps curb crimes

If students are aware that it is possible for criminal or illicit acts to be caught on tape, it becomes less likely for them to indulge in such acts.

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2.     Brings some sort of peace and satisfaction to parents

School security cameras help to keep parents at peace. Parents can rest assured that their wards are secure because the school has gone an extra mile to ensure their security by installing a surveillance system.

3.     Reduces cases of harassment

Security cameras help protect teachers and students from harassment. This is because some teachers could harass their students but a video feed would enable school authorities to get to the root of the matter quickly. It also protects teachers because they could be accused of harassment while being innocent and a security system would be to clear this up quickly

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