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Students are always looking for tips to improve their grades, and the question that is probably asked the most in this field is how to improve in mathematics. Study tips are broad and varied, ranging from improving your diet to learn more effectively, to how often you should have a break. However, one vital aspect of improving grades is often overlooked – at that is the quality of tutors and lessons.

Many studies have shown that learning science actively instead of passively greatly increases the students’ understanding. Math tutorials that engage the learner show better results than alternative methods in which the student is not actively participating. This proves the importance of the role a tutor has on the ability of the student to improve in mathematics and science in general.

To add to this, it has also been demonstrated that as the effectiveness of teachers improves, so the effectiveness of the students improves too. When a teacher makes it their goal to be able to present math tutorials that grab the attention of the learners and make the learning process an active and efficient one, the learners in turn also engage the teacher as their enthusiasm grows. This creates a positive cycle and a very beneficial learning environment.

Mathematics especially is not a subject that can be learned passively or in a parrot-fashion, that incorporates memorization tactics. The core understanding of concepts and an ability to think logically from what we know is what helps science students succeed.

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Lessons have to provide practical and real-life applications in which the students can test themselves and apply what they have learned. Math tutorials that can accomplish this will certainly capture the learner in such a way that he is willing to put in the extra effort, and soon his grades – and understanding of mathematics – will have improved simply based on the enthusiasm of the tutor and the structure of the lessons.

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