Importance of regular on-job training for teachers

Students and teacher in class

It’s obvious that great achievements are brought about by great teachers. So, who is a great teacher?  How does a teacher become great? Like any other specialized profession, teachers must train. They must qualify before they enter any classroom and still must receive on-job training. Continuous training equip teachers with skills that help them tackle new challenges in education.  In schools where this training does not happen, there is a risk in that teachers’ skills may be insufficient and students are the ones who suffer.

Why is On Job Training Important for Teachers?

In any educational institution, competent and well-performing teachers are considered as assets of the institution. In the process of learning, the teacher is considered as the professional agent who is directly responsible for any output from the learners. The teacher is in charge. He makes and helps the students to learn. Students can either benefit or suffer from the quality of teaching.

Putting this into consideration, the teacher and the quality of his teaching should be given a priority in the education sector. When educational institutions fail to educate teachers, then the education system is at risk. There is a need for the educational institutions to ensure effective teaching for students at all levels.

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Evaluation procedures should be used as a way to provide quality in the teaching/learning processes. When teachers join their career, they usually have little or no formal professional training or experience. Due to the lack of professional training and development, teachers can be a major source for any dissatisfaction in the quality of education disseminated to students.  To have competent students with the necessary knowledge and skills in different subject matters, professional teachers are needed.

The education systems should shift from traditional-theory-based teaching to research-theory-based teaching. Teachers should constantly keep researching for any upcoming teaching innovations which should be incorporated in their teaching practices. This will improve learning and assure high-quality teaching. So, teachers’ on-job training is a necessary ingredient to support innovative and beneficial teaching.

An intensive and focused on-job training programme for teachers is very essential. For a smooth teaching-learning schedule, institutions should develop a comprehensive training program for teachers.

Training Needs and Resource Mobilization

Training requires resources and time. On-job training programmes should be arranged in a way that they will not affect the smooth learning of an institution. Institutions should come up with training schedules for teachers.

  • There are different routes teachers can use depending on the training policy.
  • Training where teachers pay for their tuition but receive their full salaries during training
  • Training where institutions pay for the tuition as well as the salaries
  • Training where teachers are excused to further their studies with no pay but with a return to work formula after they are through with their training.
  • Any other route applicable in the institutional set-up.
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Remuneration after Training

It’s always good to reward a job well done. Through appraisals, teachers should be paid what they are worth. There should be an appraisal policy for review of teachers’ performances after training. Teachers should request for promotions after training to attain jobs that match their level of experience. Promotions should come with a pay raise. When teachers get an above-market wage, they usually match it by putting more effort into their jobs hence improving the quality of their teaching.  With increased job performance, students get the best education and become excellent learners.

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