Is a good curriculum enough to produce quality education?

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A curriculum is a patterned guide that maps out the course of study of students at any level of education. Its relevance in the educational system cannot be overemphasized as it remains vital in the determination of the way a school proceeds and the path the teachers choose to guide the learners along.

A good curriculum goes a long way in positively affecting the learning patterns of the school children. However, more is expected from other factors (such as the teachers, parents and the students themselves) to ensure the proper fortification of a good curriculum.

Other factors that help produce quality education

The following are other indispensable factors other than the curriculum itself that help to drive at a good quality education when schools play on the better side of the odds.


The environment is a very important factor to consider in ensuring that the students have access to quality education. The siting of a school takes pre-eminence over several other things as this determines a lot of things. Schools found in serene areas have been found to produce better quality education than schools found in a very noisy place. The reason for this is not far-fetched, it simply as to do with the allowance for concentration that each scenario permits.

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The teachers are the ones directly involved in the passage of the information to the children. It is therefore imperative that the teachers know the fragility of the power they carry. When a teacher’s attitude towards the students is good, better relationship emanates and a better teacher-student relationship enhances good communication which in turn heightens the quality of education. Very strict teachers tend to miss out on a lot of prospects as some students find it difficult to feel comfortable around a teacher whose demands are too herculean or whose atmosphere of teaching are not conducive.

Infrastructure or other requirements such as tools and equipment

When students are taught with samples and visual aids, they tend to assimilate better due to a reduction in the abstract nature of the proposed theories by the teachers. In like manner, infrastructures and other requirements go a long way in enhancing the quality of the education. When teachers make it a point of duty to limit the abstract nature of the subject they, in turn, increase the level of concrete appreciation the students, and then they automatically step up the quality of education.


Like the teachers, the parents also have a major role to play in the delivery of quality education. Students spend most of their times under the surveillance of their parents, it is therefore important for the parents to come into the realization of this and in turn act accordingly.

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The community is also a large force that drives all other aspects incorporated in it. With the proper running of the community, safety is guaranteed and this, in turn, ensures the good quality of education. When the major driving forces of the community, such as mass media, politics and lot more channels a good amount of energy towards the educational sector, it will go a very long way and affect the quality of education for good.


The last and perhaps the most important factor that affects the level of quality of education offered by the schooling system is oneself. Every tiny bit of oneself when chchanneled towards active learning yields very good returns. To make a curriculum work the best way it can, the student must agree to follow the patterns therein. Doing otherwise will mean suffocating the possible prospects of obtaining a good quality education.

Centuries have gone by and many eras have passed but the basic principles of obtaining a quality education still remain fairly the same. This summarily involves the cohesive action of a lot of factors discussed in the article and also the working of a proper school curriculum.

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