Girls’ participation in games that were “reserved” for men is slowly increasing

Girls during martial arts lesson

Sport programmes and schemes have for a long time been gender biased. The first thought that flickers on the minds of most people when a sporting activity is to take place is that the principal gender focus is on males. This trend of thought and opinion has been from time immemorial as girls have been for long attributed to doing more of skilful handworks rather than doing hard and energy requiring works.

This trend has however transcended from generations behind and this current generation still suffers the same stereotype in some core sectors. This article is written to foster the high hopes on total elimination of this trend in generations beyond.

Why girls have started to play the same games boys play

Beyond the stereotype, participation by some girls in some school games, over the years, have been very impressive. This has a very strong potential to drive through a new awareness. Games such as martial arts, football, volleyball, basketball, hockey and badminton have interested girls and participation is gradually increasing. Interestingly, girls that are brave enough to take on this milestone have very good reasons. Some of the reasons tend towards the same thing which is to empower themselves and show the world what they are capable of doing. While this might sound very simple, it truly is a good reason to encourage girls into proper participation in sporting activities.

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Proper girls’ participation in sports helps augment their self-esteem because being an athlete carries with it a strong public identity. Assuming proper participation in sports brings with it a sense of belonging to the society and having something to offer the society rather than being only available to the society to cheer up people that actively participate.

Benefits of girls participation in physical activities

A lot of benefits come with the girls’ participation in physical activities both at the individual level and societal level. The benefits highlighted in the bullets bellow have been found to be exclusively associated with female participation in physical activities.

Physical health

When girls participate actively in games, it gives room for better chances at living healthily as diseases such as diabetes, obesity, coronary heart diseases and cancer have been shown to have their origins from childhood. Physical activities can be an active way of stopping accumulation and reducing risk factors and thereby leading to the reduction of the possibility of the symptoms of these diseases showing later in life.

Mental health

In recent times, there has been an alarming rate of mental illness amidst female adolescents and even amongst children. This has its source from different levels of depression, anxiety, neglect and many psychological and emotional trauma. However, the vulnerability of adolescents to this type of stigma can be washed off by active participation in sports and physical activities. Research has shown that there are fairly consistent positive effects physical activities have on the psychology of girls and even went further to show that girls enjoy more short-term benefits than boys thereby reducing the levels of problematic anxiety and depression.

Social inclusion

Another good impact that girls’ participation in sporting activities has on the society is the expulsion of social exclusion amidst adolescent girls.

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Certainly, this will help to alleviate the stereotype of masculinity being the only sporting figure and gradually fix the girls the social recognition they deserve.

Reproductive health

Although this area suffers a shortage of research, it however has been found that proper girls’ participation in physical activities reduce adolescent pregnancy and also at the same time improves their sexual health. This has a long term effect on the girls as they tend to become more fruitful in their reproductive years. Research has also been shown that proper participation in sports and related physical activities have the ability to empower girls to avoid high risk of sexual behaviour.

Educational and intellectual development

Education is not only restricted to the four corners of a classroom as positive results have been obtained from girls that actively participate in sporting activities. A report of some studies shows that academic performance of female students is maintained or even enhanced by an increase in the student’s level of habitual physical activities. This matters a lot as it ensures the overall development of such girls.

Girls have the imperial rights to choose for themselves what they want and what they don’t. This article has come to serve as a guide to and also to enlighten the administrators of schools, college and other educational firms that girls that show interests in sports should not be stifled of the passion but rather be allowed to explore and experience the lots of benefits associated.

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