Effects of mobile phones on the development of kids

Children using mobile phones

The use of mobile phones has countless benefits. It gives the user immediate access to people and other information. Mobile phones can be psychologically addictive. Kids can get glued to screens which can take much of their time. When phones are used frequently by kids, it can result in negative effects on their social and psychological development. Some of the negative social and psychological effects brought about by uncontrolled usage of mobile phones include:

Disturbed Brain Development

For kids below 5 years of age, excessive use of mobile phones can lead to accelerated brain growth. This can in future lead to attention disorders and lack of self-control. The erratic activity can lead to problems in mood patterns, learning new things and cognitive delays. Interaction with others can also be diminished.

Excess Radiation

In general, all electronic devices produce toxic effects. Mobile phones emit too much radiation and are classified by the World Health Organisation as a health risk to kids. Radiation can have an adverse effect on a child’s brain. Kids are going through growth changes in their body; their nervous system is still developing and this makes them vulnerable to excess radiation. This can increase their chances of getting different types of tumours. Adults are advised not to overuse their phones however, the effects are much severe to children as they absorb twice the radiation.

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Mental Illness

Kids’ brains are very fragile and still developing. Excessive use of mobile phones can lead to kids behavioral problems. It can lead to childhood depression and other attention disorders. It can cause a decrease in kids’ capacity for concentration. The speed of content delivery also affects the memory to cause anxiety and other attachment disorders. Too much screen usage causes the eyes to strain which can lead to itchy and tired eyes.

Inappropriate media

Kids can access inappropriate messages and images on phone. They also find their way to prohibited sites like pornographic sites. It’s obvious that kids imitate what they see. Violent and aggressive information content can affect and alter their behavior. Harmful or shocking content can leave the kid confused or scared. Kids can also use their phones to send inappropriate photos exposing them to cyberbullying. Parents should be careful about what information they let their kids access on mobile phones.

Sleep Disruption

When kids are left to operate phones in their bedroom at night, it is most likely that they may find difficulties falling asleep. This can have a serious effect on their health. Lack of sleep can affect their academic performance in school as well. It’s dangerous for kids to keep the phone close to the head or under the pillow when sleeping. It can have serious health complications like headaches and muscle pains and also lead to nightmares. Kids addicted to phones use less time on homework. They get fatigued due to lack of enough sleep and this affects their performance in schools. They also have less time to prepare for exams that can lead to poor performance.

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What can parents do?

Excess use of mobile phone can bring great harm. It’s quite difficult for kids to avoid the use of phones, but parents can control the usage

  • Parents should take the right safety measures on phone usage throughout the childhood stage on their kids.
  • It’s advisable to use a parental control application to limit and manage digital usage on mobile phones.
  • Parents can introduce recreational games that will help reduce the time their kids spend on mobile devices.
  • Use of round speakers or speaker phones keeps the head away when speaking reducing radiation effects on the brain.

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