The drug awareness quiz day

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The best method to gainfully engage the students is to subject them to doing what they like. This concept has been brought into drug awareness as students are made to compete with each other with respect to facts about drugs, the use, misuse and the effects they have on the body and the health.

Time is a big determinant in whatever is done, therefore, the effectiveness of this measure also directly depends on the amount of time directed towards it. To completely make this method a reliable method in doing exactly what it is meant to do, (that is, creating a special awareness in students as regards the drugs) ample time must be dedicated to this event. This is why it is ideal to dedicate a day for this event and perpetually work towards it.

What does it entail?

The drug awareness quiz day is basically a day set aside for questions and answers on various questions relating to drugs. The day envisages various aspects of drugs ranging from stimulants, depressants, dissociative, to opioids and audience students are made to watch the participants and applaud them as they answer correctly.

While it may seem like mere fun and time wasting, it is in fact not a waste of time at all. It is a proven fact that students imbibe more facts when they are comfortable. This method of inculcating in the students the facts about the drug is a passive and yet effective method of passing knowledge. The students are then able to relate the associated events with the real life happenings when they are faced with challenges that need the application of what they’ve learnt from the quiz club.

How to conduct a drug awareness quiz day

To conduct a drug awareness quiz day that will remain memorable to the students requires some good level of planning. Synchronising the order of quiz with the learning wavelength of the students requires some level of educational expertise. The following bullets highlight the various ways a successful drug awareness quiz day can be conducted.

  • Various schools in the neighbourhood should be called and if possible, participation should be made interschool. This strategy helps to spread the awareness beyond the four corners of a school and at the same time increase the quality of experience the students derive from it. Students cling more with the ideas shared when they can easily associate them with some form of souvenirs.
  • Various quiz policies should be made. This policies should be such that it attracts the attention of the student audience. A very potent method that can be adopted here is the reward of answers provided by the audience. Students are always thrilled when a prize is attached to active participation and this subconsciously facilitates the attention the students pay to the event.
  • Presentation of talks, exhibitions, songs, drama poems and verses about drug awareness will also go a long way in bettering the experience the students have about the topics. This genres of performance can be incorporated between the various sessions of the quiz to check the possibility of boredom setting in as the quiz day proceeds.
  • At the end of the quiz, the best students should be awarded. This goes a long way in registering the fighting spirit in the minds of the participating students and the audience. Giving the best participant an awards will consequently drive the need to have such awards by other students and this will eventually lead to proper studies of the drug awareness materials and the anticipation for the next quiz day.
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Creating an awareness about the drugs and drug related affairs in the young children and adolescents is very important in ensuring that potential risks are averted. Several means have been adopted in passing this information to the students but the method of separating a day to quiz students about it proves to be a very effective measure as this method engages the students in the best way possible.  

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