The door locking systems is good for schools

A simple door looking system

Ever since the beginning of human civilization, people have designed various ways to safeguard themselves and their property. In a bid to increase the level of privacy, a Greek scholar invented the automated door locking system.

In the 1st century AD, a Greek scholar, Heron of Alexandria, during the era of Roman Egypt, invented an automated door and that marked the beginning of a rapid series of door invention which has so much led to a remarkable evolution of door locking systems. In addition to this origin of the door locking systems, it is also noteworthy that they have gone through a rapid increase in growth from the development of doors that are motion sensitive in China during the reign of Emperor Yang of Sui to more complex systems like the affixation of locks which were originally developed in Egypt some 6000 years ago.

What this meant to them was; while a door is a barricade to keep things safe and to protect human privacy, a more comprehensive lock will help ensure that a door that has been closed stays that way. Originally, the first kind of lock in the world was developed for safes in the ancient Egyptian empire some thousands of years ago but recently, inventors have reformed the complex wooden locks into better and even more complex ones.

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Types of door locking systems

The first modern designer of a door lock in the modern world is Abraham O. Stansbury, an American, and ever since then, there has been the invention of other door lock types which include the following;

  • Mortise locks
  • Night laches
  • Cylinder locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Knob locks
  • Combination locks
  • Cam locks
  • Electronic/stealth locks – this was first invented in 1976 by Toy Sornes and has taken the world by storm in the last twenty years and has come to stay.

How is a door lock installed?

As a result of the existence of several types of locks, there are also several ways in which they can be installed. What will be described here is how to install an electronic lock.

  • There is really one safe option for this and it is to get a locksmith.
  • Ensure that the locksmith teaches you all the dos and don’ts of the locking system as a little error can lead to a massive compromise.

How can a lock improve a school’s security?

More often than not, schools and other neutral institutions have recorded consistent issues of break ins either during or after school hours and as a result of this, many options have been looked at; one of which is the use of locks. Below are the reasons why locks are advisable as a way to secure a school.

  • The presence of a lock can prevent or reduce the rate at which students skip class to go to other places during school hours.
  • In the cases of electronic locks, the system operator can easily lock down the classrooms in case of an emergency.
  • It ensures that a strict tab is kept on tardiness.
  • It creates an awareness in burglars that a tight security is in the terrain and this leads to lesser robbery assaults.
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The electronic lock coupled with other electronic gadgets like the camera, makes for a complete and effective system of security. Also, it gives the parents the confidence that their wards would remain safe despite their absence.

Lastly, to successfully install a door lock, certain strategic considerations must be made in terms of location, accessibility and usefulness. A door that leads to a passage way where people go through should be made to have a top notch security landscape and should essentially have a surveillance CCTV.

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