Closing the gender gap in sporting activities

Ladies playing Hockey

Female participation in sporting activities is another topic that has found its way to mainstream conversations. Several factors influence female participation in sports. However, one of the key factors is the issue of the gender gap; some people believe that sporting activities are not meant for women. Despite this, a number of associations have been on the front line to reduce, if not predicate the gender gap in sporting activities. Their aim has been to give women and girls equal access to opportunities in the sport and recreation sector.

Creating equitable opportunities in sports for women and girls have benefits beyond the sport and recreation sector. It leads to a higher level of self-confidence and in return yields better grades and enhances good leadership and management skills.

Roles of stakeholders in the closing the gender gap in sporting activities

Over the years, several attempts have been made to reduce or completely alleviate the gender gap in sporting activities. One of the measures employed in times past was to incorporate the female sporting events into top sporting events of the world such as the Olympics and World Cup. However, this has not been very easy, especially at the basic educational level. It is a movement that needs the concerted efforts of the major personalities of the society to make headway.

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These personalities include the government, the school administrators, the teachers and the parents/guardians who have direct contact with the students. Each of these personalities has distinct and separate roles to play in ensuring that this movement yields the desired and expected returns. 

The various personalities that are implicated in this movement and the roles they each have to play are briefly highlighted in the bullets below;


  • Making policies that drive the positive awareness of sports to female students/pupils in the endemic areas and thereby increasing the participation of the female folks in sporting activities and events.
  • Giving room for proper allocation of sporting materials and trained coaches all over the schools in the area such that no gender is the main focus and the other is left in its shadows. This can be achieved by the recruitment of female coaches and the distribution of female sport wears and other sporting materials that can spur the motivation of the students.

School administrators

  • Creating a well accessible and organized terrain for both genders to carry out the sporting activities in a very frictionless way. This will interest the females that have nurtured the thoughts that sports are dangerous activities to engage in.
  • Inviting sport role models from both sexes to main events in the schools and thereby increasing the horizon and level of exposure of the students. This method especially helps the self-esteem of females who are on the receiving end of this deficiency.
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  • As closer personalities to the students than the school administrators, the teachers can give some intentional and well-driven talks to the female students in the classrooms which will go a long way. This is because, over time, students build trust in their teachers.
  • Teachers can also directly engage themselves with the kids during sports and give interesting quizzes to the students to spur their interests the more.


  • Parents should avoid discouraging their wards, especially females from participating in sports. It should be known to them that; like other curricular activities, the sporting activities are integral parts of the overall education of students and should not be left afloat.
  • Parents can also help to a very large extent in the building of the self-esteem of their wards and thereby support this movement even far more effectively. The students love their parents and will also, in turn, want to make them happy.
  • The students spend more time with their parents. Parents should then take them on occasional holidays to increase the exposure their children have. This will go a long way in widening the horizon of the students in terms of sports. This works really well especially for the females and in turn, help cut down the pronounced gender gap in sporting activities.
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These highlighted roles of the important personalities of the society when effectively exercised will go a long way in alleviating this gender gap in sporting activities. They will work really well especially for the females and in turn help cut down the pronounced gender gap in sporting activities.

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