Algebra, the foundation of mathematics

A number of algebra problems

Like all things in life, that which is built on a strong foundation lasts. Algebra is probably the most important tool that you will need for excelling in math as it lays done the basics for calculus and many other branches of mathematics. Its concepts will always be applied – even as your studies progress – and hence it is vital to get the edge early.

The basic core of algebra is representing relationships between unknown numbers using letters of the alphabet. Unlike basic arithmetic, algebra is where logic begins to take hold, and reasoning mathematically starts to take shape. It is not only the principles of algebra that will continue to be implemented as the student progresses but the scientific way of thinking that it starts to teach you as you move away from arithmetic.

It has been noted that students that do dismally in calculus must have done the same in algebra previously. Often times the errors that students make the most in calculus are not elements of calculus at all but those of algebra that the student failed to fully grasp. Sometimes the mistakes are careless, other times the flaws are more deeply rooted – but it always comes down to the student being low-performer in algebra.

Similarly, it is also noted that students that do well in algebra go on to have higher grades in calculus and other higher-level mathematics. It is clear that for anyone aiming at excelling in math, excelling in this key topic should be the primary focus.

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A good tutor ensures that you get the head start you need by making this core subject simple to understand by connecting mathematical concepts to everyday activities and delivering to the student in a way that is not only tailored to specific needs but also effective too. Thus ensuring a sound knowledge of algebra that leads to a bright future in mathematics.

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